Wednesday, April 16, 2014

family pictures {2013}

Family pictures I should've shared last fall.  When I look at them it erases the bad days and makes me remember how blessed I am.  How stinking lucky I am for no good reason. Serena does an amazing job - and my peeps are a Godsend.  So thankful for them . . . good days and bad.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

happy 1st bday to the fur baby.

Do you ever have days that suck? Yes. Yes you do. If you answered no in your head then you are lying to yourself . . . and everyone else.  Today was one of those days. Half sick kids that are neither well nor all that sick. Just sick enough to be incapable of kindness and to induce lots and lots of crying.  We need a hard reset in the discipline arena . . . and it's coming, in the works - but not to be implemented while they aren't on their "a" games.  So, in the mean time I will have a margarita and share doggy pictures with you.  Cool, huh?

Today is Dangy's 1st birthday! WooHOO! Believe you me when I tell you Bethany REALLY wanted to celebrate. Like, begged me to make a cake out of dog food and go get doggy material so she could sew bunting and decorate.  Girlfriend really needs to go into party planning a.s.a.p.  Our compromise (after much saying "no" - and maybe I should've said "yes" but listen . . . I can't say "yes" to everything. I only have a limited supply of energy) was to get her some presents and for Bethany to wrap them with some treats hidden inside so she would smell them and know she was supposed to open it:

She was all sorts of confused - probably mostly because we were all watching her and cheering for her. And we sang her happy birthday.  Weird thing to have happen at 7:30am.  True Story:

 But she preformed magnificantly and unearthed her treasures. A ginormous bone and a new toy that she will undoubtedly tear apart to nothing by the end of the week. I laughed so hard at her carrying her bone treasure around this morning. It's too big to fit through doors, so you can imagine how that proved to be a problem for her:

And for old times sake - here is a current picture and one from when we first brought her home. Crazy how much I love and hate her. She has snuggled her way right into my heart.  And speaking of my heart - it hurts to look at her puppy cuteness. SO ADORBS! Maybe for her 2nd birthday she can get a brother :

Can't you just smell that cute puppy breath? I. DiE.
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Friday, April 11, 2014


Oh Bloggy Blog world - you allude me lately.  Anywho, here I am at another instafriday. Sharing the pictures from our phones . . . which are the only pictures I take nowadays anyways! Enjoy the sneak peek into our week. (or two. or three)

Every time I see this chair at HobLob my heart skips a few beats. Isn't it all sorts of fantastic? I'm pretty sure it needs to come live at our house but I have yet to find the perfect spot for it.  Maybe someday:

I told the kids to get ready to go and Shepherd came out like this. I didn't have the heart to tell him to change for several reasons. A) he is so adorable B) he was very proud of his tie C) I had flashbacks to Wesley always wearing boots and ties and my heart broke a little because he doesn't do that anymore D) did I mention he's cute? and he loves his boots. So why shouldn't you wear what you love? 

 Girlfriend is hot stuff now reading "chapter books". Ain't nobody got time for baby books anymore.  She started on the Magic Tree House series this week. Go girl go! And cuddling with a cute puppy never hurts either:

I was at HobLob dealing with a whole lot of indecision over cabinet knobs and looked over to see Shep had had enough. He played for quite awhile making certain knobs attack others, etc. - but then it got quiet and he was just staring at me all angry like.  Everyone has their limits!

Sometimes in life you have to make really hard decisions - like which hardware to choose for cabinets or which nail color to choose.  Really tough calls.

Look! Signs of Spring! It's SOOOOOO fantastic. I love love love it.

Know what else makes me happy besides Spring? GLITTER! Possibly equally fantastic . . . 

We went to the zoo with some friends and the kids took navigation very seriously. They kept having pit stops and meetings to consult the map. Never mind the fact that we've been there 3 billion times :)

We took Dagny to the dog park last week for the first time. It was a win-win. The kids played like crazy and Dagny ran around until she was SO tired. Shep insisted I take his picture "being a dog".

Played Risk with this kid and kinda got beat for the first time.  I only am gonna say kinda b/c after a week of the game being out we decided to pick it up and at that point he had more territories than I did. Anyone who had played Risk before knows this means very little. However, my dad did give him a few pointers that I don't exactly appreciate. It will be much harder to beat the young chap in the future:

Somebody has forgotten she's not a tiny puppy anymore.  I can't believe Bethany even lets her onto her lap in the van.  Looks painful:

PUNCH FIGHT!!!!  It's one of Shepherd's favorites. That - and tickle fights.  He cracks up so much. I wish I could just bottle up his giggle and save it for rainy days:

Mind. Blown. We made brownies and the kids got to lick the batter - then I brought out a huge bag of Skittles left from the St. Paddy's day party to see what Caden would do.  He was happy to help us eat them - of course!

I was doing some stretches and Miss Pretzel decided to join me.  She's so limber and flexible! It makes me look like I'm not even trying - but trust me, I was!

Sick babies are too sad. Look how pathetic she looks - makes your heart break:

Good aunts read to the kids - being an aunt is so fun. You can get all the benefits without all the work - and you can walk away at the end of the time together. Gosh it's awesome:

Have you read this book?  It's a good one! Far better than fad diets - education is power my friends:

Proud mommy moment - she got her magnadoodle and started making her to do list for the day. Lists ROCK:

Whoa tiger.  A) Windy.  W.I.N.D.Y.  B) 3rd eye? What's with zits in your 30s. Rude.  When I am in charge of things there will be a rule against that.

ok folks. I guess that's a good as a place to end as any. linking up as per usual via
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Happy Weekend. Hope you smile a lot . . . it's worth it!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Somebody got a haircut! I thought I was a fan of his long hair. It took so much time to grow out and was finally past the bushy poofy hair stage. He rocked the messy hair look often - mostly because he was fine with it and didn't want to fix it.

But now I have to do a double take when I see him. I'm sure I will get used to it shortly - but I am loving this new hair-do!  So stinkin' cute. Sometimes it takes my breath away when I see him - he's increasingly less of a little boy each and every day. Be still my mommy heart!

Thanks to my sis for the haircut. Don't even bother asking her to cut yours - she just loves us a redonky amount and gives in when I beg.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Mr. Saint Patrick

Let's get in our time machine and go back to a week ago and pretend it's St. Paddy's Day, mmmkkk?
Spank you. Bumblebee tuna.

Since we stayed in good 'ol Wichita for Spring Break this year I decided we needed to have a St. Paddy's Day party. Because . . . why not? So we decorated and made some fun food. There was a whole lotsa green involved:

We made a little photo booth - and the kids had a blast acting like complete goofballs and taking their pictures. A big thanks so Preston for taking pics for me so I didn't have to . . . I got to play! 

And of course we had games and prizes. Skittle Races (taste the rainbow), and lots of rounds of left, right, center with leprechaun gold as the money. And crafts too, but I didn't get any pictures worth sharing in that department. I should've taken a picture of the leprechaun Bethany drew . . . it was fantastic.

It was a fun morning spent with friends. I love a party - and the kids love seeing their friends. Win/Win.

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