Friday, February 20, 2015


Instafriday this week is weak. But it's a good reflection of the nature of my body this week.  I've been fighting a cold that is literally trying to kill me.  It's amazing how much stuff is suddenly not important enough to make the list and get done when you feel like crud. I think just maybe *knock on wood, take more vitamin C, slather on more oils* I am turning a corner today and coming back to my normal self. I sure love my healthy body - I need it back!

Anywho - I thought I would still share a few pictures in the spirit of blogging and all that jazz.

Shepherd and I went to pop fly at our church, it's an event for parents and their preschoolers.  It was so fun having one on one time with this chap. We played games, danced, ate, and rocked out the photo booth. One on one time is good for everyone!  And so are thumbholes. I wear this shirt way too much, even right this moment as I'm tip-tap-typing. But - the comfort . . . the thumbholes . . . I can't resist.

I even managed to get the dog sick this week.  She was in a sad sad state and basically slept for 2 days solid and wouldn't eat.  I was planning on taking her to the vet and Benny boo suggested I give her some chicken noodle soup. So . . . I did. And it was magic I guess.  The next morning she was wrestling and eating and giving out hugs.  It's good for even dogs? Whatevs.

 This kid has been working super hard in class time.  Often he spends too much time waiting around or hanging out while I am working with the other 2 kids.  I've been trying to put some effort into planning things for him to do instead of just making it up or telling him to do a puzzle - and it's been fun to see him trying hard and learning new things! 

We went to a new trampoline park in town for an hour - the kids loved jumping around, and according to them an hour was WAY too short.  Maybe we'll have to go again - but honestly I'm too cheap to do it often - they need to lower their prices for sure!

Alright. That's all I got folks. Now I'm off to clean the house.  Please tell me sometimes you dust a surface as you walk by with your sleeve and call it good?
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

bubble blowing

There are some things I don't even think of teaching our kids and then when I realize they don't know how to do something it's mind boggling. They don't know how to do somersaults? Cartwheels? Blow a bubble? Geesh - why hasn't someone taught them these very important skills?!  Luckily - they have other people in their lives other than just me that can pick up the slack.
My mom has been working with the kids on how to blow bubbles - providing the right kind of gum and everything.  The gum chomping and slobberfest that has ensued has really been a bit much for me. But I've (mostly) quietly tolerated it and the other day Wesley was dancing around in celebration because he finally mastered the skill.  He then demanded I take 3 million pictures and videos to send to YaYa immediately so she could see that he could BLOW A BUBBLE!!

And why not?! We should celebrate successes in life - regardless of what slobbery spit nasty form they come in. I will spare you the videos - but please notice his hands. There is so much concentration going on with his bubble blowing skills he doesn't even know what to do with his hands. Talledega Nights, anyone? I love it.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Have you ever tried to swaddle a grown adult? Because I have.  Bethany and I were talking about birth order one day and the effect it has on one's character. I was using my mom and dad and sister as examples - they are all babies. And they act according. Just kidding. Sometimes.  Anywho - that birth order stuff is fascinating and all - but Bethany got a little sidetracked and started saying things like, "If Amanda's a baby why don't we give her a paci? Why don't we swaddle her?"  We both got so tickled by the idea of swaddling Amanda - there really was no other option .  .  . it had to be done.

Due to a baby and c-section we had to wait awhile to in-act our plan. Every time we saw Amanda, Bethany would come whisper in my ear, "should we swaddle that big baby?".  She cracks me up. It was finally time and it was worth the wait. Swaddling a grown up can be serious fun!
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Friday, February 13, 2015


InstaFriday - where you get to see the randomness off my phone from the week. Nothing special yet the most special things in life at the same time. It's all about perspective!

Mr. Hutton eager to help in the kitchen. I really should allow/make my kids help in the kitchen more. It takes more time and effort but seems like the payoff could be pretty fab.

A big thank you to whomever gave Bethany the body art kit for her bday.  Deep Breaths were required.

Bethany and her friend had a fashion show for us earlier in the week. Even the dogs were dressed up and participated!

Valentines bunting was made and delivered. Now she wants to make spring bunting, Easter bunting, and St. Patrick's Day bunting . . . just think of the options!

 The weather was so gorgeous last weekend - we had to spend some time cleaning up the yard and hanging out by the fire pit. It was just a tease because now the weather is frigid again, but I will take any little tease thrown this way!

We got to spend some time with two of my nephews this week.  Babies sure are fantastic when they aren't your own!

 Sleeping puppies. Because - hello. Sleeping puppies!!

And a sleeping baby - which is pretty darn cute too.  Poor Shep was sick this week and basically slept all day.  Not fun.

Here's to a fun weekend - woohoo!!
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

patriots - you done good.

Did everyone see the Superbowl game?!?! Go Patriots!  We used it as an excuse to hang with our home team and make wings. WINGS. yum. I wish I had some right now . . .   We made a snack stadium again this year and filled it with all the yumminess in the world.

 A handful of some of the best people in the world - so lucky to have these chaps in our lives - ohemgeeeeeee - I just want to hug them all looking at this picture!

Can you please take notice of the score I put on the snack stadium?!? Somebody take me to Vegas. Stat. No really. Let's go. It's been like a year and half since I've been - it's time, and clearly one should go while the luck is flowing.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I often have a very difficult time letting go of my to do list. I like checking the boxes and feeling like something has gotten done.  I am trying harder to live in the moment and enjoy the gifts of today.  A few weeks ago when it had snowed the kids really wanted to go sledding. I debated it and debated it and then finally LET IT GO (channeling Elsa. obvs.)  I am so glad I did - we had a blast!  Someday I will learn that lesson fully - until then it's baby steps. Every day I have to try and channel Elsa instead of crazy Erin . . . it always turns out better that way.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

boodle's bday

Bethy boo had a birthday! Can you believe she is 7 now?!? Some days I miss the cute little 2 year old that seemed to just be here yesterday, but honestly those days are few and far between. Seven year old Bethany is so fun! She is party central from sun up to sun down. She loves passionately, takes care of others well, and is sarcastic in the most hilarious ways.  

We had a baking birthday party for her with lots of her little friends. It was a beautiful messy disaster . . . and so much fun!

We had a cake decorating contest.  If that doesn't look delicious then my name isn't Susie Q :

Cutie Patootie's all decked out in their ruffle aprons!

And a big thank you to my mom and MIL for helping out - I couldn't have done with without the extra hands!!