Friday, September 19, 2014


Today I've just felt a little sad, a little lonely and overwhelmed, and once again not good enough. Sometimes I just really suck.  Which is dumb - I know - I will never.  ever.  be good enough, and I do suck in a lot of ways - but isn't that the point? The reason we need Jesus in the first place? Anyways - my heart is lifted when looking at these random pictures from our week(s). Life really is good, and overall doesn't suck so much after all.  It's all about perspective and not staying in your own pity party too long. As the kids often say - without the proper "r" a party can quickly turn into a potty and no-one wants an invitation to a potty. SO, it's time to get out of that potty and move on! Enjoy the random sneak peek into our week!

Found this little guy in our garage and we had to catch him for a little investigation. He was a fast booger:

I've been reading Harry Potter to the younger two (mostly Bethany, Shep usually falls asleep) - but Bethany decided that I was too slow and she would be better off taking things into her own hands. I love seeing her walking around with this huge book in tow.  She can't be bothered to put it down and has been reading a little bit every day. Ah - brings back memories:

We've been trying to soak up all the sunny weather we can, it's been beautiful around here.  A few weeks ago we went to the park and I made the kids exercise with me. Shep thought this hill was too steep so Beth came back up for him to help him down. Talk about warming my mommy heart - 

After our exercise time they played at the park for almost 2 hours! I had to continually tell myself to chillax. They were having so much fun and getting along fabulously - and yet I kept wanting to move on to the next thing (which there wasn't really a next thing this day). Trying to work on enjoying the present - and really being present!

 I may be partial - but she is just all sorts of fabulous. I sometimes think back to the first week with her - I cried and cried. I didn't want a girl. It was too scary, too messy, too much - and Lord knows she can be scary, messy, and too much . . . but God knew how much our family would need this one. 
She's such a gift to us.

The kids decided to hold their own car wash and wash all their toys - which quickly turned into an all out sponge and water war. There was so much giggling. I'm gonna hold onto that memory when it's dead and freezing in february!

She's SO proud of herself when she finds a huge stick. It's hard not to smile when she's trotting around the yard showing off her treasure:

Fall means firepit. I could sit at the firepit every night - one of my most favorite things to do:

Fall also means soccer. I may not be a huge fan of the sport, but I'm a huge fan of this kid - and he sure looks cute in his uniform:

If gnomes could talk . . . I think this old chap would have quite the story to tell.  The kids found his top half and went searching and searching for his bottom half with no luck. Then, a few days later a friend was over and her little boy tripped over the bottom half while playing in the yard.  Totes normal to have disconnected gnomie legs in your yard, right?

She was playing teacher and kept having Shepherd come in for lessons after his "recess".  When I asked her how it was going she said "well, I think I'm letting his have a little too much recess but also I really am teaching him stuff!!"  We used to play school for hours and hours and hours - I was always the teacher. My poor siblings . . . it's a wonder they ever played with me!

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Here's to a weekend being present in the present with those that are present. And to grace . . . for myself and for others.  WHEW!!
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

field trip

Our first field trip during our home school adventures was to the Cosmosphere - the kids had worked hard and were doing very well adjusting to something so new and different. Ben mentioned there was a shark documentary at the Imax there, so that sealed the deal. Wesley has liked sharks since he was pretty little.

We started off with a stop at Carriage Crossings for some of the best cinnamon rolls in the entire world - and learned a little about Amish culture while we were at it. Learning really is everywhere!!!

I hadn't told the kids where we were going yet, and they insisted it be a surprise. They were disappointed when they found out and declared this would be "sooooooooo boring."  Luckily, that was far from the case - we had a blast and learned so much!

There happened to be some pilots and mechanics that had flown or worked on the SR-71 they have displayed in the lobby there for a fundraiser event.  They were super kind to answer the kids' questions and chat with them about the plane.

I kinda lost their attention during the section about the cold war - but overall they did fabulous. We learned so much - it was a great first field trip!

Now let's just hope they retained some of it - and that we will have many more fun adventures together in the future!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

pool time

I am trying to very tight fistedly hold onto summer this year. It's just been too fun - and I love the heat and sun! I think the weather has some different ideas, however. And honestly, fall is pretty awesome too. It's just the beast that comes after fall that I'm not a big fan of.  

Here are some of the fun pool pics from our summer days - next year I'm going to have to get a better underwater camera case for my phone. This year I cheaped out, and got mostly blurry pictures - but it was still fun to play!

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How can you not love this fabulousness?!?!

Friday, September 5, 2014


Instafriday - summer catch up!!  Enjoy some random pictures/thoughts from the summer.  I love looking through pictures - it's a good visual reminder of how amazing life is. Some days I'm just grouchy . . . and it's really unneccesary - life's too good for that . . . and too short for that too!

Watching my nephew, Caden play is so fun. He just turned 2 recently - such a fun age!! (especially as the aunt this time and not the mom).  We got good and messy with him one day via chalk paint. It's amazing how fast you forget what the littles are like. He went all in with his hands before I could even hand him a paint brush. Our kids thought this was hilarious of course:

Chicken Fights!!! Makes me laugh every time - not sure what the magic is, but I love them:

My little helper learning how to iron.  He was so proud of himself:

 Curry. Oh my. I have been eating a lot of this lately.  It's my go-to lunch when nothing else sounds good. I can make a batch big enough for several days and don't get tired of eating it!!

 The kids got to do Police Camp with some of the kids in our bible study group. So fun to see them getting to hang out and have a blast together. God really is very kind with us via relationships. Blows my mind sometimes!

We spent a Saturday at a Top Shot experience and got to play with fun guns and do challenge courses with several different stations/guns. Too fun! And now I have a few new guns on my wish list . . . 

Dagny is such a crazy big cuddle monkey. She forgets that she's not 7 lbs anymore - or she just flat out doesn't care, I guess:

Giant Jenga that Ben and Wesley built.  Fun times by the pool - this kid takes his time and is very methodical. I can beat the other two almost every time because they just go after whatever piece strikes their fancy. But not this guy . . . 

 We've mysteriously found a few more of these little guys in our yard.  The kids love finding them and think it's so fun to hide them in new spots. You never know when you may come across one - 

 We got to spend some time with Aunt Susan a few weeks ago - and even got to sing to her on her birthday! She lives in NYC so we don't get to see her all that often, but the kids sure enjoy when she comes into town:

And a few pictures from when we picked Wesley up from camp. He STILL talks about random things from camp and how amazingly awesome it was. I'm so glad he got to go - one of the best things about picking him up was how excited he was to tell Bethany everything and show her around. Their relationship can be so sweet at times, it makes my mommy heart happy to see that.  I guess I am now a Kanakuk believer - I think it will definitely have to be a part of every summer:

Here's to a weekend of Fall activities. Football. Soccer.  I am still holding summer in one hand - hoping I don't have to let go quite yet . . . but I am quickly losing my grip!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cocoa Dolce

Over the summer we had the chance to go tour a local chocolate store's production facility. How could you say "no" to that?!? I wish these pictures had smell-o-vision - it was fantastic, trust me.  The kids (and I) learned a lot about how the chocolates are made:

It was cool because the facility was very busy that day so they saw all the stations in action instead of just learning about them.  Bethany and I decided we need one of these machines. It's basically like a car wash - any little morsel goes through and gets coated in chocolate. Think of the possibilities!

And this spinning wheel of chocolate? Yes. Please. Not only is it mesmerizing - it would be so handy to just walk by and take a little dip every now and then. I was very nervous that Shepherd was going to do just that. If I wanted to stick my fingers in, I can only imagine the restraint it too him to NOT do so!

 So many pretty chocolates to choose from. We were forced to drive over to the actual store after and get some to taste test. YUM.
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