Monday, March 30, 2015

the BFG

I'm a sucker for reading a book and then watching the movie. It's one of my most favorite things to do . . . so naturally I force it upon the children during school time too! We read the BFG by Roald Dahl.  Have you read it? I remembered liking it as a kid, but couldn't remember the ending so it was fun to read again.  Of course we couldn't stop there, though.  After watching the movie to go along with it and doing some comparison lessons we made character reports.  They all chose to do them on the BFG (big friendly giant).

 I always love how the same instructions manifest themselves so differently in artwork.  They made giants, wrote reports, and made dreams in the giant's dream jars.  Each had a trogglehumper (nightmare) and a golden phizzwizard (good dream).  If you've ever tried reading the BFG aloud you will understand how challenging it can be. Good old Roald Dahl is quite the creative guy and used many made up words!

Bethany's trogglehumper:  I am trapped in my brother's body!
Bethany's golden phizzwizard: My teacher disappeared and all day was a party!

Shepherd's trogglehumper:  I am flying a bathtub to school and my teacher sees me and says "get down!"  I go down and she throws and anchor at me and it hits me in the eye!
Shepherd's golden phizzwizard: My teacher picked up a magic pencil and disappeared. Then we partied and flew around on my plane.

Wesley's trogglehumper:  I is trapped in my room forever. (this is how the giant spoke)
Wesley's golden fizzwizard: I is making a potion to cure people of sickness.

Fun times!! Next up - Alice in Wonderland!!
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

date night with boodle

I went on a date with little girl a few weekends ago.  I am always reminded how sweet the one on one time can be.  Since we've been homeschooling I haven't really done many "dates" with the kids this year.  I am with them ALL. THE. TIME. Planning additional time one on one just isn't on my radar - but it really is good for all parties involved.

I got tickets for us to see Disney on Ice and she picked the restaurant for dinner. Pho, of course - it's one of her favs.  SO good too!

Bethany is so kind and generous, almost always thinking about others. Almost to a fault sometimes - giving up the last cookie when you know she really wanted it, etc.  It was fun getting to spoil her and letting her pick what SHE wanted instead of what she thought someone else wanted:

My sis had texted something snarky about me crying at the show and I thought it was funny but ridiculous. Until I walked in hand in hand with this princess and was overwhelmed at how darn lucky I am in this life.  I may have got chocked up a few times . . . but not exactly because of the great skating performance.  Sometimes I am just so pointedly reminded of how much my cup runneth over . . . and then my body follows suit and runs amuck with tears!  So glad I took time out to have a date with this little lady . . . now I need to get going on time with the boys too!

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Friday, March 13, 2015


A couple of weeks ago we went to the Cayman Islands.  Ben had to go for work - so I figured I would keep him company. I think I would make a very good beach bum.  I assume at some point I would get tired of the beauty and the sun . . . but find the thought of that highly unlikely.

I loved the Cayman Islands and would definitely go back!  We didn't spend a whole lot of time exploring the island but we did take a boat ride over to stingray city one afternoon.  I was kinda nervous about the idea of swimming with stingrays, but it turns out they are actually super gentle . . . like cats that happen to be slimy and float around in the ocean.  All they want to do is rub against your legs - and they even let you hold them!

I can't believe how calm and accustomed to people they are - they love living on this little sandbar. It's basically a giant squid buffet from all the food the tourists bring in on the boats.  If you let them they'll come right up and give you a kiss - so we had to try that too.  So fun, we definitely have to go back and take the kids one of these days!

and a video too - if you're extra bored and feel like watching a pretty crappy video (from the title page that doesn't align to the lack of any music - just watery water sounds)!

Fun times!!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

let's just play

Sometimes I forget just how little this one is.  He's magically so big and so little at the same time.  I say that about all the kids, though - so I guess that's nothing new.

The other day he was playing with LEGOs while I was teaching the other two. At first it was quite annoying, actually. He was so animated and chatty - and always goes into this high pitched voice when he's doing the voice of other characters.

 But then the more I watched him the more it melted my heart. He was so happy in his own world.

 His LEGO guys were so busy parachuting and using their jet packs. Farting jet packs at one point even - of course.  His imagination is a beautiful thing - I love the creativity.  I want to be one to foster that and help him hold onto it instead of the one that is telling him to hush.

 And maybe even once in awhile join in with him and rediscover my own imagination. How is it that we lose so much of this part of ourselves as we "grow up"?

My baby growing up makes my heart hurt sometimes. It's so fun and so fantastic the older they get - don't get me wrong . . . but sometimes when I get glimpses of days gone by it makes me a little sad too.  

I spent several good years on the floor playing cars and robots and such - and even though it's not the main drive of our everyday rhythm anymore maybe it's not quite time to give up on it just yet . . . 
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Friday, March 6, 2015

salon a la bethy boo

Oh Bethy boo. She is ALWAYS planning a party, opening a salon,  or organizing something.  She told me several days in a row that her salon was open.  Since I'm the only customer there's a bit of pressure to attend when it's open. The timing does matter, however, because my hair and makeup take on a special look when I visit her salon. Finally I made it in though!

I was in for a special treat this time because she was training her newest employee:

Let's just say he could use more training. He doesn't always focus when applying makeup:

At one point he was chatting away and distracted and applying blush into my ears:

And getting hair chalked by these two hurts. Like - for realzzzzz. Rip-your-hair-out-cry-a-little hurts.

No pain no gain though, folks.  We all looked so smashing in the end:

And this guy was a part time employee too. He did shoulder rubs. I dig that.  He's in an interesting limbo between little kid and big kid. Hard to figure out sometimes . . . for him and me both:

Fun times at the salon!! Until tomorrow . . . although I think she's planning a "dog party" where we pin the eyes on the dog and eat chocolate covered strawberries . . . 
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Friday, February 20, 2015


Instafriday this week is weak. But it's a good reflection of the nature of my body this week.  I've been fighting a cold that is literally trying to kill me.  It's amazing how much stuff is suddenly not important enough to make the list and get done when you feel like crud. I think just maybe *knock on wood, take more vitamin C, slather on more oils* I am turning a corner today and coming back to my normal self. I sure love my healthy body - I need it back!

Anywho - I thought I would still share a few pictures in the spirit of blogging and all that jazz.

Shepherd and I went to pop fly at our church, it's an event for parents and their preschoolers.  It was so fun having one on one time with this chap. We played games, danced, ate, and rocked out the photo booth. One on one time is good for everyone!  And so are thumbholes. I wear this shirt way too much, even right this moment as I'm tip-tap-typing. But - the comfort . . . the thumbholes . . . I can't resist.

I even managed to get the dog sick this week.  She was in a sad sad state and basically slept for 2 days solid and wouldn't eat.  I was planning on taking her to the vet and Benny boo suggested I give her some chicken noodle soup. So . . . I did. And it was magic I guess.  The next morning she was wrestling and eating and giving out hugs.  It's good for even dogs? Whatevs.

 This kid has been working super hard in class time.  Often he spends too much time waiting around or hanging out while I am working with the other 2 kids.  I've been trying to put some effort into planning things for him to do instead of just making it up or telling him to do a puzzle - and it's been fun to see him trying hard and learning new things! 

We went to a new trampoline park in town for an hour - the kids loved jumping around, and according to them an hour was WAY too short.  Maybe we'll have to go again - but honestly I'm too cheap to do it often - they need to lower their prices for sure!

Alright. That's all I got folks. Now I'm off to clean the house.  Please tell me sometimes you dust a surface as you walk by with your sleeve and call it good?
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

bubble blowing

There are some things I don't even think of teaching our kids and then when I realize they don't know how to do something it's mind boggling. They don't know how to do somersaults? Cartwheels? Blow a bubble? Geesh - why hasn't someone taught them these very important skills?!  Luckily - they have other people in their lives other than just me that can pick up the slack.
My mom has been working with the kids on how to blow bubbles - providing the right kind of gum and everything.  The gum chomping and slobberfest that has ensued has really been a bit much for me. But I've (mostly) quietly tolerated it and the other day Wesley was dancing around in celebration because he finally mastered the skill.  He then demanded I take 3 million pictures and videos to send to YaYa immediately so she could see that he could BLOW A BUBBLE!!

And why not?! We should celebrate successes in life - regardless of what slobbery spit nasty form they come in. I will spare you the videos - but please notice his hands. There is so much concentration going on with his bubble blowing skills he doesn't even know what to do with his hands. Talledega Nights, anyone? I love it.
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