Friday, January 30, 2015

boodle's bday

Bethy boo had a birthday! Can you believe she is 7 now?!? Some days I miss the cute little 2 year old that seemed to just be here yesterday, but honestly those days are few and far between. Seven year old Bethany is so fun! She is party central from sun up to sun down. She loves passionately, takes care of others well, and is sarcastic in the most hilarious ways.  

We had a baking birthday party for her with lots of her little friends. It was a beautiful messy disaster . . . and so much fun!

We had a cake decorating contest.  If that doesn't look delicious then my name isn't Susie Q :

Cutie Patootie's all decked out in their ruffle aprons!

And a big thank you to my mom and MIL for helping out - I couldn't have done with without the extra hands!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Wow. It's been over a 3 months blogging hiatus.  I have thought several times I would just stay gone - but alas - I am back.  The kids recently have been enamored with the blog books I have printed each year. And I am so far behind on scrap booking it is doubtful any return is even possible - thus I will return here instead. Or try. I often feel like there isn't anything to say, same old same old, blah, blah, blah. BUT, looking back on pictures and memories of times shared together really is a gift, even if it is nothing "special' seeming.

SO - I could retrace everything I've missed but let's suffice it to say there have been births, deaths, vacations, recitals, sports, birthdays, holidays, and a few random things in between. Good. Now we are sufficiently caught up. And I can share some really cute puppy pictures.  We got a new puppy as an early Christmas surprise for the kids (and for us - who are we kidding). His name is Hank (now we have Hank and Dagny . . . name that book) and he's been a total doll cake. A bit of house training annoyances, but otherwise he is so chilled out and well behaved. The friendship and cuddles between the two dogs are more cuteness than should be allowable. It's fantastic!

Friday, October 10, 2014


It's all the little everyday moments that add up to something worth living for. So easy to forget in the craziness and hubbub of life. Sometimes it's loud and fast - and I usually desire it to be slow and quiet. Looking back visually via iphone pics helps me get there.  Enjoy!

Shepherd was star of the week and took this little robot we made as show and tell one day. Thank goodness his little friend believes in safety first:

 This kid can beat me in Chess.  Sad but true. I have no strategy, no planning ahead - hmm . . . . 

The kids sometimes like to go off into another room to do an assignment - it's quieter and less distracting. I randomly walked by this room and saw that Bethany had put out a "reserved" sign. Apparently she really didn't want to be disturbed.

I completely spaced this kid's picture day. He always dresses himself - sometimes that is fine and sometimes it is embarrassing. I rarely care - but this is NOT the shirt I would've picked for picture day. I was irritated at myself, and the failure was exacerbated by all the ridiculously cute kids prancing into school.

Then I picked him up and was handed the proofs. I laughed out loud and thanked God for humoring me and for his gentle reminder that it's not about the "picture days". I love that the photographer got a genuine smile out of Shepherd but there has never been an occasion when Shep has talked on a rotary phone and I can't quickly conjure up a situation in which it would happen ever again in life. Cracks. Me. Up.  I think I will buy a life size portrait of it just for giggles. When he's in high school I can follow him around with it - popping up at most inopportune times. YES. That's a fab idea.
 "Shepherd . . . . it's your 4 year old self calling . . . "

 Fall. As much as I hate to see summer go - I do love fall. And the changing of seasons. It's invigorating.

Some days school gets tough and attitudes are wonky - and fresh air does us all good. (sigh)

 We love our days when we get to hang with my nephew Caden. He is crazy for his cousins and they are equally crazy for him. It's so refreshing to have a 2 year old around - love it!!

 She's so pretty when she plays piano. And always - but something about her sitting at the piano plucking out the song. It's fun to watch.

Kansas skies have been utterly amazeballs lately. God is one amazing painter and He is so crazy good to us and generous with His gifts.

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Here's to a delightful fall weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

do you like it?

Bethany's creativity amazes me sometimes. She's so random and fun - never a dull moment. I am finding out more and more that she seeks approval big time . . . which can be good and bad for sure!  One morning awhlie back while we were talking to Uncle Jacob she kept shoving these in the front of the screen and making Jacob and Ning vote of them.  It was a poll for hairstyles - lest you are confused.

There were at least 10 more of these bad boys. They were cracking me up. Some I wondered if she was trying to make them horrible on purpose? Was she just messing with us? Too funny.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

State Fair

As another "field trip" we took the day off and headed to the fair. My mom and dad joined us for the day. I have to say the fair is one of my favorite things to do. I laughed more that day than I have in a long time. Seems like so many funny things happened! And trust me - there is a plethora of people watching to be had.  

I love exposing our kids to new and different things - and love hearing all the questions and seeing the wheels in their little heads turning.  I will say the birthing center at the fair produced more questions than I really wanted to answer . . . otherwise it was a super fun day!


And what's the fair without greasy fried food and fun rides?

The kids saw this and decided immediately it was slushy heaven and must be tried. Notice the orange flavor is missing the handle. No worries - Wesley ripped it right off and created a volcanic eruption of orange slushy everywhere. I was cracking up and really wish I had gotten some video of the event, but the worker was in a bit of a tizzy so I thought it might be safer to not mess with him.  Wesley felt bad and kept apologizing - I felt kinda bad for the kid, but it was totally an accident - what can you do?

 A sculpture out of butter? Hello randomness.  Little known fact - the fair fairies (or whoever creates these) use this same butter for 4 years - storing it in between time and recreating a new sculpture each year.

Face painting is one of the kids' most favorites. If that doesn't scream FAIR!!! I don't know what does. Other than maybe the funnel cakes. And pig races.

Shepherd busted out some of his best dance moves in front of a crowd of onlookers - he just felt the rhythm and couldn't resist. The guy performing even game him a gold medal. He said he definitely had gold medal worthy dancing.  Too cute. We could all learn a thing or two from this chap . . . 


Until next year my fair friends . . . 
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